101 Brisbane Street, Cowra, NSW 2794
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About Us

Serving the Community for Over 60 Years

The Cowra Services Club first opened its doors on November 6, 1945 in the district community hall. Our first members were a small group of returned servicemen, and no one could have foreseen then that the club would flourish into the modern facility it is today.

Now 4,000 members strong, the Cowra Services Club has developed into a popular destination for visitors and locals alike. Our war memorial highlights the club’s willingness to preserve and display our pride in Australia’s rich service history.

  • 1963

  • War Memorial

  • 2000

  • 2012

In addition to our lovely facilities, we also boast a delicious dining area.

We also offer all sorts of entertainment options on a regular basis along with members draws, promotions and events. Have no doubt, there’s always something happening at the Cowra Services Club.

So come visit the club today and enjoy a beautiful, modern facility built on a strong service tradition. You’re going to love spending time within our updated location!

  Club Financials - Please select the link below to download. 
2016-2017 CSC Financials

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